The Alec Baldwin affair continues and the revelations are increasingly worrying. And this time, they blame the film’s assistant director, Rust, David Halls, who handed the American actor the gun that killed the director of photography. Indeed, according to the affidavit of a detective of the investigation, made public by CNN, the man would have admitted not having checked all the cartridges loaded in the weapon. The investigator then revealed some details of this famous affidavit.

Indeed, the detective Alexandria Hancock describes her exchanges with the first assistant director and the armourer Hannah Reed-Gutierrez. David indicated that when Hannah showed him the gun before continuing the rehearsal he only remembered seeing three rounds. He said he should have checked them all but didn’t, and could not remember if she had spun the drum “, we can read. “David however indicated that the incident was not a deliberate act.”

Weapons stored in a safe

Another detail of the investigation was revealed in this report. Indeed, the investigators in charge of the case have requested a complete search of a van, following several testimonies from members of the film crew. And for good reason, the latter declared that the weapons used during the shooting were stored inside this vehicle, in a safe. Access to this device is only made by people who have access and who know the safe combination. Santa Fe Sheriff Adan Mendoza also confirmed that the bullet that killed the cinematographer and director was indeed real. The gunsmith reportedly said that on the day of the accident she checked all of the mannequins.

Filming of the Rust © Backgrid USA

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