More fear than harm ! On Monday, December 5, 38-year-old Hilaria Baldwin shared a photo of her 20-month-old daughter María Lucía’s horrid black eye. According to the Daily Mail, Alec Baldwin’s daughter, 64, “banged her face against a metal table leg”. In the photo shared by the mother of seven, the toddler can be clearly seen with a scratch as well as purple discoloration around his right eye. “You’ll be seeing that black eye for a while (and hopefully less runny nose…ugh this time of year),” she captioned the photo. Of course, she had explained the circumstances of this accident.

The 38-year-old reality star said she was out with her 9-year-old daughter Carmen when the incident happened. “I was out with my 4 year old daughter yesterday and got this terrible call that makes your heart skip a beat, telling me that Marilú had fallen and hit her face on a metal table leg. She I’m fine, thank goodness…it was just scary and she’ll be bruising for a while,” she said. Bad news that ultimately caused more fear than harm since the mother of the family had confirmed that the little piece of cabbage was fine.

Hilaria Baldwin: “I judged women and men who had big age differences”

This incident comes days after Hilaria Baldwin confessed that she judged couples with big age differences. It was during an episode of her new show Witches Anonymous that the entrepreneur and mother made this statement. Alec and Hilaria Baldwin had a very frank discussion with Michelle Campbell Mason. This, less than a month after the birth of the couple’s seventh child, Ilaria. “I judged women and men who had big age differences,” she said before adding, “I looked at it as if this older man wanted a young bimbo with no opinion.” “This young lady is obviously a gold digger, and she obviously doesn’t care and she’s just like, ‘I hope you die, and I’m going to take all your money'” , according to her.

In her tracks, she had explained that this kind of judgment, she became a victim of it after starting her relationship with the star of 30 Rock. “I realize that I was instilled with these preconceived ideas,” she said. “Why have I judged other people who have just found love so much, and maybe their love is different from yours or the one I thought it was, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t is not valid“, she wondered bitterly. Recall that Alec and Hilaria Baldwin have been living in perfect love since their marriage in 2012.

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria share a snapshot of their 20-month-old daughter with a bruised face

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin © STARMAX

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