“I may never meet someone like him again.” Invited on the set of Quotidien this Tuesday, September 21, Asia Argento came back in detail on her feelings since the suicide of her former companion, chef Anthony Bourdain. The one who “misses him a lot” was found dead by his friend Eric Ripert on June 8, 2018 in his Alsatian hotel room in Kaysersberg Vignoble, in which he allegedly ended his life by hanging.

Come to talk about the release of her book Anatomy of a Wild Heart, in which she decided to engage in all the painful moments of her life, Asia Argento answered Yann Barthès’ questions on his report to the death of his ex spouse. After warning that she “doesn’t talk about happy things in this book”, which is mostly written to “remind people that horrible things are happening in the world”, the Italian actress was keen to tell the consequences of this terrible drama.

“We were both alcoholics”

“At the time, we were both alcoholics, he was suffering from a strong depression, we have to start talking about these problems.” At 46, Asia Argento is one of the first women to have publicly accused American director Harvey Weinstein in order to launch the MeToo movement. At Quotidien, she insisted on the fact that suicide was still taboo in our society: “I have spoken with a lot of psychologists, tongues must be loosened on this”.

If she concluded the sequence by saying that she was “depressed and bipolar”, Asia Argento is no longer on a slippery slope, ensuring that she is in the process of healing. “My life is much more peaceful now, I even do meditation, I am much better than before”, even cracked with a small smile the one who has lived through many disasters since the beginning of her career in the cinema, at 9 years old. Evidenced by the very first lines of his book: “I don’t give a fuck, even there writing, I repeat it like a mantra, I don’t give a fuck. This sentence is like a loaded gun, it helps me move forward in the world “.

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