Albert Dupontel will very soon taste again the joys of fatherhood according to the information communicated by Here Paris. The magazine tells us that his companion Catherine Bozorgan is currently pregnant with their second child. The couple had already welcomed a little boy named Edgar in 2014. The new member of the family should meanwhile enter the household next fall, time to let his parents prepare a cozy little nest for him. .

His first child, a boy named Léonard, now 22 years old, Albert Dupontel had him with his previous partner, the actress Claude Perron whom he directed in most of his films and who can be found currently on Netflix in Big Bug by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The extremely shy director now shares his life with Catherine Bozorgan. The new chosen one of her heart, however, does not play in front of her husband’s camera…

Catherine Bozorgan, Albert Dupontel’s ideal partner

If Catherine Bozorgan does not allow herself to be directed on set by her husband, it is because she is too busy financing her films. The 39-year-old producer and companion of Albert Dupontel has worked alongside her son Léonard’s father since Le Vilain in 2009. Bozorgan still remembers meeting the filmmaker when she was financial director at Ciné Nominé: “There was instantly a relationship of trust between us when I was young and without much experience. “The couple spins the perfect love at home as on set. According to Catherine Bozorgan in her secrets to ELLE magazine, Albert Dupontel is “the ideal director for a producer”, “ideal and honest” vis-à-vis his team. What if the duo were writing the most beautiful love story of the decade?

Catherine Bozorgan © © Corentin Fohlen/ Divergence

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