Alphonse Gabriel Capone said Al Capone is one of the most famous American gangsters. In the 1920s, the man nicknamed Scarface made his fortune dealing in bootleg liquor, before being arrested and imprisoned in Alcatraz. If he died in his famous Miami Beach mansion in 1947, the gangster however frequented another residence, today for sale. This is the Highgate mansion, located in Vermont, a state in the northeastern United States.

On Wednesday, January 25, 2023, The Sun revealed the former mansion used by Al Capone was up for sale via an advertisement from Century 21. According to information from the real estate agency, the mansion was built in 1818 and is for sale. at a price of 705,000 dollars, or approximately 648,000 euros. A ridiculous price when the 830 square meter mansion has no less than seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, a veranda, a ballroom or even several living rooms, arranged on three levels.

The mansion had an undeniable asset for Al Capone

According to the estate agent in charge of the sale of the Georgian mansion, it has “such an incredible history”. Indeed, Stacie M. Callan explained, “Al Capone would have been here. It was his stopping point when he was smuggling liquor across the border into Canada during Prohibition.”

Indeed, Al Capone could count on a particularly advantageous location and an important detail located in the mansion: a secret passage. The latter is actually a tunnel, located in the house and which leads to the Missisquoi River, which is not far from the property. A major asset so that the gangster can pass the alcohol discreetly.

Al Capone: his old house and his incredible secret passage on sale at a ridiculous price (Photos)

Highgate Manor © Century 21 MRC /The Stacie Callan Group

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