In his show La Face Katché, produced for Yahoo, Manu Katché finds various characters from diversity, famous and anonymous. He goes back with them on anecdotes – sometimes inspiring, sometimes overwhelming – that have marked their lives. This Wednesday, the former juror of La nouvelle star received Philippe Fragione, alias Akhenaton, famous singer of the group IAM. The latter returned to various key moments in his life, in particular his conversion to Islam in the early 1990s. “Converting to Islam was something mainly intellectual or it was because you had an entourage of people mainly in this religion there who convinced you that there were things consistent with your vision of the world?”, asks Manu Katché. “A combination of the two”, answers Akhenaton, who explains that his desire comes “from the books he read”, but also from moments spent with his friends who were doing Ramadan. “Out of solidarity, you didn’t see yourself arriving with your sandwich, so you were fasting”, says the rapper who has fond memories of these evenings spent, with others, talking about Islam. “I came to religion through sharing,” he says.

Akhenaton witnessed racism while looking for an apartment

A decision that was not necessarily easy to accept for those around Akhenaton, especially among the oldest. “My grandfather did not understand”, remembers the musician. “Drink the wine (…) eat the ham, don’t be expensive!”, threw the latter at him. However, Akhenaton assures that there was “no malice”, unlike his beginnings as a newlywed, when he was looking for an apartment with his wife Aïcha. “When the owner’s notice in the agencies says: ‘No dogs, no blacks, no Arabs’, you say to yourself: ‘it’s not possible!'”

Akhenaten © Yahoo / Dailymotion

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