A disturbing death. This Monday, June 13, former Nigerian footballer Akeem Omolade was found dead in a car in Palermo, Italy. Aged 39, he suffered from no known health problems and no trace of external lesions would have been observed. The thesis of a news item therefore seems to be ruled out. The circumstances of this tragedy are therefore still unknown at this time.

But according to the Sicilian press, Akeem Omolade would have recently passed a series of examinations at the hospital because he complained of mysterious pains in his leg. However, the tests revealed nothing. The day of his death, the former attacker had to go to the hospital for new examinations, in the hope of finding an explanation for this physical disorder. Because of his pain, he could no longer move on his own. He had therefore called on a friend to pick him up by car. But barely installed in the vehicle, the former athlete fainted, before dying.

Akeem Omolade, a symbol of the fight against racism

If he did not have a great football career, Akeem Omolade still played in Serie B from the age of 17, in the Treviso club. He then played a few Serie A matches under the colors of Torino. But his performances were not enough to convince the club’s leaders who did not want to keep him. After leading a more anonymous career, he finally retired from sport in 2014 while playing for the Mazara club.

In 2001, Akeem Omolade had nevertheless been a symbol of the fight against racism in the stadiums. While wearing the Treviso shirt, he had been the subject of insults and intimidation from the club’s ultras who had protested against his purchase because of his skin color. To show their support, all the Treviso players, including the coach and the bench, entered the pitch with their faces painted black, as a sign of solidarity.

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