Airplane exorcised after being struck by lightning

Last Saturday June 20, while traveling as usual on the New York-Lomé route, an Ethiopian airliner was struck by lightning just before landing. Somewhat damaged, the aircraft obviously could not take off again. So to secure it in addition to repairs, a group of voodoo priests were called in to exorcise the plane. According to Slate, the ceremony, which was performed on the tarmac, consisted of sprinkling the device with water and alcohol as an offering, to appease the anger of the God of Thunder.

In Togo, voodooism is widely accepted and practiced. “When lightning strikes, it is our duty, for the good of the people, to identify the area affected by this natural phenomenon and to purify it”, assured Togbé Assiobo Nyagblondjor, the president of the confederation of traditional priests of the country. . He added that “if the plane had not been purified, anyone who later used it could be injured. Now that that is done, the plane, the passengers and the company will have no more. problems”. On site, everything was done to help the priests in their task. As a result, the necessary repairs to the aircraft were carried out, and the aircraft was able to leave … doubly protected.

Are lightning really dangerous for airplanes?

Lightning is a common occurrence, but generally does not pose a threat to airplanes. Indeed, the devices are designed to withstand lightning strikes. However, when struck by lightning, planes must undergo an inspection, even if the damage is relative.

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