Agnès Soral plays the role of Ariane Amato in the drama TV movie Juliette dans son bain, by Jean-Paul Lilienfeld. And if the story focuses on a billionaire whose daughter is kidnapped, Agnès Soral has also experienced family dramas. Currently, the Franco-Swiss actress is no longer in contact with her brother, the negationist essayist Alain Soral.

During their childhood, Agnès Soral, her brother and her sister, suffered violence from their father. A man she describes as “extremely humiliating” and who had repercussions on their future. Among them, the fact that Alain Soral is moving away from his family. In 2015, the actress spoke directly to the latter in her novel Brother: “It’s been more than eight years since you broke ties with the whole family to rebuild yourself. Well! There must have been a bug, because you don’t seem to be getting any better at all. (…) Talk about a reconstruction! Even if it was a vacation for me not to see you anymore, it was difficult to respect your choice without being upset.”

Agnès Soral: “The little girl in me retains affection for her big brother”.

If she was once very close to her big brother, Agnès Soral finally distanced herself from him because of his “misogynistic, anti-Semitic and homophobic” ideas which she does not share at all. In an interview with Gala in March 2019, the 61-year-old woman had also declared that she was “happy to no longer be around him”.

However, she kept good memories of her childhood by her side. “The little girl in me keeps affection for her big brother. He could be so funny and touching, but he got lost along the way,” said the mother of two daughters. Today, the actress from Mongeville keeps the hope of “pacifying things” and of reconciling one day with her big brother.


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