On the occasion of her participation in season 2 of the En Thérapie series, Agnès Jaoui gave an interview to the Journal Du Dimanche. In the columns of the newspaper, the actress confided in her lifestyle.

Agnès Jaoui: “If we restart on Monday, I manage to start the day at 4 p.m. and not at 8:30 a.m.”

Agnès Jaoui has the Sunday blues, and she’s always had it: “Since my childhood, and even today! A kind of curse that doesn’t let go of me,” she said. So even today, the actress refuses to perform on a Sunday: “Because there are only old people who don’t want to go to bed late: we hear the sonotones whistling and we feel softened by a room without tone”, she confided to the JDD.

True allergic to routine, Agnès Jaoui savors the daily life offered to her by her profession, thanks to which she escapes the daily grind: “We forget the real days, only the character’s agenda counts. When I shoot like crazy all the week, I’m still happy to have Sunday to rest,” she told the newspaper. The actress thus benefits from a flexible schedule as desired which allows her to resume the week smoothly: “If we restart on Monday, I manage to start the day at 4 p.m. and not at 8:30 a.m.”, declared the Lorannie’s mother.

Agnès Jaoui on her children: “Through them, I relived the blues of returning to class”

During her childhood, Agnès Jaoui remembers happy Sundays, despite the sadness of the recovery that awaited her. The director affirmed that it was her daily life as a mother that revived this Sunday blues: “Through them, I relived the blues of returning to class. I admit that I never forced them to do their homework. , and the very thought of getting up early on Monday morning discouraged me from going with them to school,” she said.

In the Journal Du Dimanche, Agnès Jaoui was also delighted to have traditions compatible with her Sunday blues: “In Israel, no Sunday thanks to the Jewish religion! No more Tuesdays, Thursdays or Mondays either: just the joy of partying every day of the holidays”, said the one who shared the life of Jean-Pierre Bacri.

Agnès Jaoui: why she never wanted to go on stage on Sundays, it will make some people jump © COADIC GUIREC

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