Agathe Caron’s life is full. At the helm of Kindergarten for several seasons, the host is also a happy mother. Married to François Pellissier, it was at 40 that she became a mother for the first time, to a little Gaspard. Two years later, she enlarged her family with the arrival of Félix. Mom filled, she made tender confidences on the airwaves of RFM this Sunday, June 26. “My children are the ying and the yang. One is the portrait of my husband and the other is my portrait on all levels. One likes sugar, the other likes salt. One who likes tomatoes and the other who doesn’t. It’s crazy! But it’s great, it makes a family rich”, admitted Agathe Lecaron in front of Bernard Montiel. And if she gives advice to parents on television, she too sometimes has trouble managing her children.

“My children are like all children. I have one who throws horrible tantrums. What’s funny is to see people’s faces when they say to themselves: ‘ah yeah, that’s the girl who tells us gives advice and in fact it’s not going at all,'” she joked on the radio. Filled with her two boys, Agathe Lecaron recognizes that motherhood is not easy for her. “Motherhood, we are told that it is the best moment of life, that we are transcended with happiness, but it is not true, she confided with an open heart. Motherhood reshuffles all the cards , you have to rebalance your couple, your family. For her, the arrival of her children was “a rebirth, because we discover ourselves completely”. “Me, I’m not at all the same woman as before my children. I’m much less funny, I’m more serious,” she added.

Agathe Lecaron: motherhood, “it’s upside down”

For years after becoming a mother, Agathe Lecaron “lost sleep”. “I was hypervigilant, she remembered. Because it really upsets me.” Tired but happy with her husband and their two children, the presenter of Kindergartens has only one regret, as she confided to Télé Loisirs. “If I had the opportunity to live the same life again, I would have children sooner. I find it very sad to tell myself that I will be less able to enjoy them than someone who will have had them at 25,” explained -she. According to Agathe Lecaron, “it’s very complicated to manage in our society when you’re a woman, and especially to manage your priorities when you do an image job”: “I find that I managed them very badly, and I I’m angry with myself, and I’m also angry with people who perhaps put a little too much pressure on me, or because I was afraid of not working… I think I was a victim of our current society.

Agathe Lecaron © COADIC GUIREC


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