It was a childhood mistake… in a way! Dazzled by her boyfriend, the content creator known under the pseudonym @postpartumpsycho, returned to one of her first love stories.

At 17, madly in love with her companion, she admitted to having taken more than three months before discovering about him, a major detail of his physique. An anecdote that did not fail to surprise its community.

Three months before understanding

Usually, it is parental advice that she distills on her account, which has more than 3,700 subscribers. But in one of her latest TikTok videos, the young mother returned to one of her biggest sentimental “failures”. “If you ever thought you didn’t know something about your boyfriend, let me tell you about the time I dated a guy for three months before finding out he didn’t. ‘had no legs,’ she said in the introduction.

Inseparable lovers

At that time, she was only 17 years old. This boy, she meets him during a rodeo. “I saw him on the other side of the road and I was like, ‘He’s a big, beautiful man and I need him,'” she explained. They swap numbers and three weeks later are madly in love. “We were inseparable, we saw each other every day. We were young lovers,” she revealed. After a while, “strange things” begin to happen.

Always in tracksuit

She notices that no matter the temperatures, her boyfriend always wears sweatpants. “I was like, ‘What a strange choice,’ but I didn’t tell him,” she commented. One day, however, she finally noticed his approach. “One day he had his arm around me and he was limping. I asked him why,” she said. He replies that it is a simple knee injury. An explanation that, at the time, seems logical to him.

A categorical refusal

Some time later, she invites him to attend one of her basketball games. “He told me ‘You have absolutely no right to come to my matches'”. Intrigued, she asks him for an explanation. “I told him that even if it was the worst team, he couldn’t be the worst,” she noted. However, her boyfriend does not change his mind and still refuses his presence. She does not insist and respects his decision.

A revealing photo

“We dated for three months. We were in love, we saw each other every day, ”she explained. Then finally, one evening, during a dinner, they have their picture taken posing next to each other. “This photo haunts me. I post it on Facebook and the more I look at it, the more I say to myself “I think I got bamboozled”” she continued. She shows this photo to her friends and tells them “I think my boyfriend might only have one leg”.

A delicate subject

Everyone wonders, however, why he would hide such information from her. She hesitates to ask him the question head-on, not knowing how to broach the subject. For weeks, she tries to get a clarification, in vain. “It was a week or two before prom that everything changed,” she said. “We were going to prom, then we had a house party afterwards where we had to go to a lake so he was going to have to wear a bathing suit,” she said. Her boyfriend takes her to a park to talk to her.

Affected by polio

“He told me ‘I have polio’. I told him that I had suspected it for a few weeks now and that he was making it all very weird by not having told me about it before. Disappointed that he kept the secret for three months, she thinks she is “stupid” for not having been able to detect his secret before. “We stayed together for another six months and then I went to college and ruined everything,” she concluded.

Similar experiences

In the comments, her followers were surprised and delighted at her honesty, with her video getting over 2.3 million views. “How did you not notice that??? wondered a first person. ” I am amazed ! noted for a second. Others shared similar stories such as this follower who explained, “I married a man before I realized he was missing a thumb…I never asked about it until I was pregnant “.

After three months of relationship she realizes that her boyfriend only has one leg


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