A totally distraught mother called for help. Jennifer, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, is asking for help after the urn containing her daughter’s ashes was stolen from her car on Nov. 3, according to CBS News. Jennifer had parked her car in front of her apartment the night of the incident. During the move, an individual allegedly broke into his car and stole all the boxes. Among the contents of these boxes was the precious urn.

It goes without saying that this urn has an unparalleled value since it contains the ashes of his granddaughter, Sophie. In order to find this priceless object, Jennifer had indicated that it had been made of wood with patterns of ducks and rabbits on it. Personal information about Sophie was also engraved on the urn such as her first name, date of birth and date of death. According to CBS, the baby girl died just three weeks after she was born in 2007.

“I know whoever took it didn’t know”

Stealing her belongings is no longer this mother’s priority. Indeed, she tries by all means to find the urn. “I know whoever took it didn’t know. I just hope they have a heart and give it back,” she said. “They smashed the passenger side window above where she lives and they took all the boxes from the back,” Jennifer’s sister said before adding, “It’s as if he “We were missing a child. It’s devastating, so painful, Jennifer took her everywhere she went, all the time. She just wanted her to be buried with her and that made sense to us. He’s her only child.” .

After the urn containing her baby's ashes is stolen, a distraught mother calls for help

After the urn containing her baby’s ashes is stolen, a distraught mother calls for help © Pexels

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