It is a sordid story told by our colleagues from Parisian. A 17-year-old young man, placed in a foster family, made a request to social services a few months ago to meet his biological father, named Bruno. But now the reunion turned tragic. Indeed, on July 12, the young man will kill his father with a Japanese sword. Indicted for murder, he was imprisoned. During the trial, his mother talks with her son. He would then have told him that he had killed his father because he was threatening his whole family with death.

The mother will confide in our colleagues. “I knew that Bruno was dangerous, since he tried several times to murder my children and me. “Olivier had asked to meet his father, I freaked out. I sent my son the file, which I had compiled with my lawyer years earlier, when I left his father in 1996”. In this file, there was in particular a complaint from his mother for violence.

A chilling family history

The defendant’s lawyer confirms the mother’s statements: “Olivier has read this file, which partially answered the questions he was asking himself and which his mother had never had the courage to face. Everything she just said to him: “Dad was very mean. During the meeting, Olivier asked his father questions about his life. The answers remained elusive. An argument then broke out and then degenerated”. Worse still, the mother says that her former companion allegedly killed her eight-month-old daughter. “I discovered her one morning, motionless in her bed. I didn’t want to believe it. I dressed her and kept her close to me all day and most of the night. They are my mother and my step- father who finally came to take her away from me. I will never forget her face”.

After ten years without seeing his father, a teenager murders him for a chilling reason

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