Darren Harris is a miracle. At 29, this resident of Middlesbrough was hospitalized after being electrocuted by 11,000 volts a few months ago. Saved by the doctors, he is “seriously disfigured” since 47% of his body is covered with scars. In hospital after his accident, he was in a coma for 27 days and underwent 23 surgeries. The young man survived sepsis, multiple organ failure and underwent a craniotomy to relieve pressure on his brain. Happy to be alive, Darren Harris recently suffered “disgusting discrimination”, as he told the Mirror. According to the young man, he was not allowed to take his theoretical driving test… because he did not look like the photo on his identity card, taken before his accident.

“I came out completely distraught with a big lump in my throat. I was crying hot tears,” he recalls, still shocked. “The manager said to me, ‘it’s not my problem, you shouldn’t have changed your appearance, you didn’t change your photo ID’, he said. I said I wasn’t ready to do it yet because I’m still coming to terms with my new look but he was really awkward with me.” Despite the help of a man, Darren Harris failed to pass his test even though he had his bank card, identity card and other papers with him to prove his identity. But since he refused to take off his hat, which he has been wearing since his accident, he was not allowed to pass his license.

An investigation has been opened

“I sleep with my hat, I wear my hat all day, even in my house, confides the young man. I experienced major trauma and many burns on my head. He said: ‘it’s not my problem mate you won’t do your test then’ I said to him ‘there is the face I was born with but unfortunately 18 months ago it was taken away from me can’t you see that I’m trying to give you everything to prove who I am.’ But he had no sympathy or remorse.” The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency said it was investigating the incident involving Darren Harris. “DVSA will urgently investigate this incident with their theory test provider. We always aim to treat all applicants with respect. We apologize for any distress caused and will contact the individual to offer a new test.”

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