In just six weeks, do we really know the person who shares our life? Christina, a Californian photographer known by the pseudonym @christinainthevalley on the TikTok application, now has the answer to this question.

On the social network, the young woman returned to one of her stories, revealing that during the summer of 2022, she had gone out for several weeks with a married man without knowing it. It was only by listening to her mother who pushed her to lead the investigation, that Christina came across multiple secrets…

Confirm your doubts

“The night I found out, I threw my phone across the room, opened a well-deserved bottle of wine, and called my best friends to watch ‘the other woman,'” Christina, 27, wrote in a video went viral. Viewed with more than 1.6 million views, the story of the young woman returned to this devastating affair. “All I was really looking for was confirmation. Confirmation that I was not crazy, that I was not stupid, ”she confided.

disturbing acts

This man, Christina had known him through the dating application Bumble. A “cool guy” she saw once a week on “really fun” dates, Mondays or Tuesdays only. Quickly, however, Christina is surprised that he never offers her to go to his house. She also notices that his clothes often have dog hair even though he claims not to own one. Overcoming her doubts, the young woman informs her parents that she is in a relationship but that a few points bother her. It was her mother who quickly took matters into her own hands.

Multiple bonds

“My mom, in typical mom fashion, decides to do a background check,” she explained in her video. “I don’t know what made her do that,” she added. Quickly, his mother calls him. “She says to me, ‘I found his wife on Instagram'”. Christina texts her boyfriend’s wife and explains the situation. Fortunately, the wife is “really understanding”, seeking to learn more, gleaning details from their meetings. Both end up understanding that the man is dating at least three different women. When she confronts him, her companion “plays dumb”. Knowing that he has no intention of divorcing, she leaves him and extracts herself from this ambiguous relationship.

Ready to find love again

In the comments, Christina’s subscribers were not necessarily tender with her, believing that she knew very well where she had set foot. “They only see each other on Mondays or Tuesdays, he never invited her to his house… and she sees nothing wrong! sneered a subscriber. “There were already two red flags: not going to his house and clearly, having a dog! “underlined a second. More compassionate, other subscribers told their own, relatively similar stories. “Same for me. He told me his dog was aggressive so I didn’t ask to come. Found his wife and let her know. She left him,” said one person. In conclusion, Christina, whom the situation “had greatly affected”, claimed to be now ready to find love and be happy in a new relationship.

After six weeks of relationship she discovers that her new boyfriend is married


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