Princess Anne reportedly fired a protection officer because of her aftershave.
Prince Andrew would make bad taste jokes to his staff.
King Charles III would also be very capricious.

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, attention has been particularly turned to her heir, King Charles III, but also to her three other children, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. In his book I love Elizabeth II (Ed. Robert Laffont), Bertrand Deckers made revelations concerning the staff hired by the royal family.

The journalist thus revealed that Princess Anne, much appreciated by the British people, was not always kind to her staff. Indeed, Timothy Laurence’s wife would have “got rid of a police protection officer she did not like after her after-shave (her after-shave)”. She wouldn’t have bothered to fire him without even having to justify herself. A decision which would have been accepted by the main interested party who would have confided that “the agreement with the daughter of the queen was not the most cordial”.

Prince Andrew singled out for questionable jokes

After his dismissal by Princess Anne, his protection officer is said to have joined Prince Andrew’s team “whom he got on better with”. If Bertrand Deckers pointed out with humor that the father of Beatrice and Eugenie was “not allergic to his aftershave”, his attitude would also be denounced by his staff. Indeed, another officer of the royal police would have asked to change position following the attitude of the man involved in the Epstein affair. In question, “questionable jokes about his baldness”.

Princess Anne and Prince Andrew therefore do not seem to be the most friendly with some of their employees. An attitude that King Charles III would also share since he has already been described as “capricious”, “brittle” and “brutal” with his collaborators. Only Prince Edward therefore seems to escape criticism from his staff.

After shave, dubious jokes… How Princess Anne and Prince Andrew would abuse their staff

Prince Andrew and Princess Anne © Agency

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