A spine-chilling story… In August 2021, Matthew Taylor Coleman, a Californian surf instructor killed his two children, Kaloe (3 years old), and Roxy (10 months old). Arrested, this father had confessed to the crimes. Influenced by conspiracy theories, he believed that killing his children was “the only thing to do to save the world.” According to him, Kaloe and Roxy had snake DNA in them. Last May, in a letter sent to a friend and obtained by People, he admitted his mistake. “Thank God I now realize how far I was from the truth. I should never have spent so much time reading these theories and should have just focused on my role as a husband and father,” he wrote.

Incarcerated, Matthew Taylor Coleman no longer has access to these conspiracy theories and begins to see things more clearly. In the letter, he explained, “I’m sorting through it now. There’s a lot to unpack and I need to figure out what I really believe in, but I don’t have access to all of this information now, it’s up to me. to use my brain. And that’s a good thing. There was so much noise of confusion.” Two years earlier, an FBI agent said, “Matthew Taylor Coleman had visions and signs that told him that his wife, Abby, had snake DNA and passed it on to her He said he believed his children were going to become monsters and therefore he should kill them… He knows his actions are wrong, but killing the children was the only way to save the world. “

The bodies of the children were found by dogs

Sunday August 8, 2021, Abby, the wife of Matthew Taylor Coleman had called the police in Santa Barbara, California to report their disappearance. When asked if she thought her children might be in danger, the stay-at-home mom replied: “We haven’t had a fight. Nothing. I don’t know where he is. He hasn’t didn’t take the child’s car seats. My daughter is only 10 months old. I’m worried, but Matt wouldn’t hurt our children, no, he can’t.” 400 kilometers from their home, the father killed his children in a barn. After discovering traces of blood on the ground, a farmer had sounded the alarm before his dogs discovered the bodies of Kaloe and Roxy.

Matthew Taylor Coleman and his son © Instagram


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