When we love each other, we don’t count. Or maybe a little despite everything! At 67, Musa Hasahya, a polyamorous farmer, led a busy life as the father of 102 children. The latter, themselves become parents, offered him the role of grandfather of 568 grandchildren.

This record, for the moment undethroned, Musa Hasahya is now thinking of closing it. He is certain, he and his twelve companions will not have other children. And the reason given is not unrelated to current events.

Live all under the same roof

Musa Hasahya lives in Uganda where polygamy is legal. The 67-year-old farmer lives with his twelve wives under the same roof. An organization that allows the farmer to “monitor them more easily and prevent them from running away with other men in the village” as he declared to the New York Post. Polyamorous, the man, in the same article, wondered: “I married one woman after another. How can a man be satisfied with only one woman? “.

A titanic lineage

From these twelve unions were born 102 children aged 6 to 51 years. A third of his descendants still continue to live with his father and his wives. Of course, growing up, Musa’s children had children too. The man thus became a grandfather 568 times. But this astonishing descent has now come to a halt, Musa having made a big decision because of the “rising cost of living”.

Feeding your family, a challenge

From now on, Musa asks his twelve wives to take the contraceptive pill in order to avoid any new pregnancy. Having found that he was unable to feed his very large family, Musa has indeed seen his income decrease over time. “My income has gotten lower and lower over the years due to the rising cost of living and my family has gotten bigger and bigger,” he confided. A decision approved by Zulaika, his youngest wife, 21 years his junior and mother of eleven of his children. “I no longer have children,” she said. “I saw his poor financial situation and now I take the pill,” she concluded.

After having 102 children and 568 grandchildren he decides to take a break


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