“The butcher of Montauban”, you may know him by his name of Germain Gaiffe. This ex-prisoner, who has just spent 24 years in prison for the murder of a man, is a candidate for the post of deputy for the 2nd constituency of Vaucluse.

Germain Gaiffe, now 55, has announced her candidacy for the post of deputy for the second constituency of Vaucluse. The constituency is the one that sees Stanislas Rigault and his alternate Marion Maréchal present themselves. This 50-year-old? You will surely hear about it. Indeed, the latter spent more than 20 years in prison and bears the nickname of “the skinner of Montauban”. But why have a nickname like this?

Killer of a businessman

In 1997, Germain Gaiffe was sentenced for the morbid murder of a businessman in Tarn-et-Garonne. In January 1998, the victim’s legs were found in the Garonne, but not only. A year later, the decapitated trunk was found in the Tarn river. The investigation had revealed that the murdered businessman worked with the father of Germain Gaiffe. The latter blamed him for the poor results of the company they co-directed. During the trial, Germain Gaiffe denies having cut the victim and invokes the hypothesis of a boat propeller and explained his death by an accidental fall.

What is ironic is that the latter is married to Alfredo Stranieri, nicknamed “the killer in the classifieds”. In 2013, the couple married and took as witnesses the terrorist Carlos and the comedian Dieudonné. At that time, Dieudonné had confided the desire of the newlyweds to adopt a fellow prisoner. The couple had also claimed in letters, the paternity of the daughter of Rachida Dati.

Germain Gaiffe: legislative candidate

“No one but me is more legitimate to be the representative of the people because I took 30 years on behalf of the people”, defends this former prisoner, in an interview with La Provence. “People have the right to resent me. They have the right not to understand,” he adds. A project that is not new since he had already tried to present himself, in 2017, from his prison cell. In vain since he had not had the authorization to file his candidacy for the prefecture.

“Today, when I am incriminated, I don’t care and in fact, this criminal record allows me to be free to denounce the system. As ludicrous as it may seem, my candidacy is more serious than the poorly played show given by the elected officials, despite the budget they have,” attacked the “unlabeled” candidate, he told La Provence. If elected, “the skinner of Montauban” will defend the impossibility for a person with a criminal record to stand for election. “I will be the first to be removed from my mandate,” he quips. He also wants to organize citizen debates or suppress political parties. But considering himself as a “specialist in the prison world”, he has several proposals: respect the dignity of the prisoner and then send minors to a center for legionnaires rather than imprisonment or even assimilate drug dealers to terrorists.

Germain Gaiffe © YouTube Capture

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