Harry Bolton tragically lost his life at just 19 years old. This sophomore at the University of Hull, England, was found dead in the house where he shared accommodation in Chancellor’s Walk. Worried that Harry Bolton was not responding to his text messages, one of his friends called the police. On October 7, 2021, several police officers broke down the door of the 19-year-old young man. They found him lying on his back in his bed, his eyes open and his mouth gaping. Harry Bolton’s body was cold to the touch and his housemates and officers noticed his chest not moving, the inquest heard. Upon taking a closer look at his body, rescuers made a disturbing discovery.

After declaring him dead, they found a gaping wound the size of a two euro coin on Harry Bolton’s back, which appeared to be infected. Four days earlier, the 19-year-old student had told a friend that a spider had bitten him on the back and he was not feeling well. Worried about his health, he went to a hospital with a temperature and an elevated heart rate. A blood sample was taken on the spot by the doctors, and indicated that Harry Bolton did indeed have an inflammation. Harry Bolton therefore returned home, and was last seen by his housemates the following morning. Since then, an investigation has been opened by the police.

How did the student die?

Other people in the Cottingham Road student accommodation complex had previously reported an infestation of spiders, the inquest found. A housemate of Harry Bolton, Kacper-Krysztof Zydron, testified in court about a similar bite he received on his neck in August 2021. then went to the hospital since he could no longer move his neck. Treated with antibiotics, he recovered from this bite. After Harry Bolton’s death, sticky traps were set and specialists were dispatched to scare the animals away. According to the medical examiner, the young man died of sepsis due to an acute lung infection caused by an infected wound in his back.

After a suspicious bite, he is found dead with a disturbing mark on his body

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