Hospitalized for a hernia, a 4-year-old boy underwent a vasectomy. A terrible medical error!

According to information reported by Fox 4 News, a 4-year-old boy had to undergo surgery for an inguinal hernia in the groin. The intervention, however, turned into a nightmare. And for good reason, the surgeon in charge of the operation performed a vasectomy, a method of sterilization. “This doctor simply cut the wrong piece of anatomy. We believe he accidentally cut the vas deferens, one of the tubes that carries reproductive sperm. This could affect this young man for the rest of his life.” said Randy Sorrels, the family lawyer.

Randy Sorrels lamented the practitioner’s lack of vigilance: “This is not a common mistake at all. Before a doctor sections or cuts out a part of the anatomy, he is supposed to positively identify what that anatomy and then cut. Here, the doctor failed to correctly identify the anatomy that needed to be cut. Unfortunately, he cut his vas deferens. This was only discovered after doing scans.” The hospital management assured that the surgeon concerned had never committed any professional misconduct before. “Our priority is the health and well-being of our patients,” she said in a statement.

Future fertility problems for the 4-year-old boy

The boy’s parents decided to sue Texas Children’s Hospital for this medical error. “The biggest concern for the family is how this might affect their child physically, on their ability to have children in the future, and emotionally. But also having to explain this to a potential partner with whom you want to have children” thus confided Randy Sorrels. And to add that the 4-year-old boy may be able to conceive a baby one day thanks to advances in restorative technologies. Unfortunately, he is expected to grow up experiencing fertility issues.



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