At the age of 12, Pamela Mackenzie was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). A hormonal imbalance that leads to a lack of ovulation and difficulty getting pregnant. Growing up, the 41-year-old Briton, originally from Edinburgh, England, knew that starting a family would be a real obstacle course. With her partner, Ian, they underwent fertility treatment in addition to resorting to in vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive a baby. Unfortunately, the young woman experienced nine miscarriages in eight years. Her pregnancies, sometimes ectopic, never exceeded five or six weeks.

In 2018, the miracle finally happened. Pamela traveled to Prague to undergo IVF. Nine months later, her son Patrick was born. A happy event for the mother, who is now a volunteer in a fertility clinic. The forties can thus help people who are going through these difficult times. “You feel like you’re living a nightmare and there’s no one to support you. You think, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ and you feel less of a woman,” she told Metro UK. And to add: “There is not enough awareness or support, you only find it when you do your own research.”

She warns of the trauma associated with miscarriages

Now Pamela is fighting for doctors to understand the pain of a miscarriage. “When I was six weeks pregnant, I was offered psychological help, but I was not ready to accept it. It would have been nicer if someone came to talk to me, or that there is a room in which we can cry” confessed the forties. She laments the doctors who are sometimes insensitive: “One day, a member of the medical staff said to me, ‘There is nothing you can do, whether you are sitting or lying down, it will not change anything, you will bleed and have a miscarriage.’ This subject should not be taken lightly.”

After 9 miscarriages in 8 years this mother finally welcomes her miracle baby


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