Married for 16 years, this 40-year-old man thought he was making perfect love with his 39-year-old wife. In reality, the latter cheated on him with his best friend for two years! The father of the family recounted his setbacks in a letter addressed to Deidre Sanders, the Sun’s appointed adviser. “My former best mate is a childhood friend, which makes his betrayal even more painful. His partner thought I knew so when I ran into her in town she asked me how I was handling this betrayal. J “I confronted my partner. She burst into tears and told me everything. She assured me that their affair had been over for several months” he confided.

The 40-year-old, however, took his share of responsibility for his wife’s adultery: “Over the years, I worked a lot. Looking back, my wife felt neglected but I ignored the signs. Our sex life became non-existent and I stopped giving her compliments. You could say I took her for granted. She wanted affection. My ex-best friend gave it to her. Apparently they had sex in hotels and even in her house. car.” Injured, the father of the family decided to cut ties with his childhood friend. However, he would like to fix his marriage: “What can I do to put this story behind us and move on?”

Tips to save your marriage

Touched by the distress of the forties, Deidre Sanders deeply sympathized: “You have been betrayed by two people very close to you, and it is devastating.” The expert also suggested he have a frank conversation with his wife: “If you continue to hold on to your pain and your anger, you will not succeed in fixing your marriage. You must be honest with your wife – same for her. Sometimes couples find it hard to discuss their issues and end up hurting. A therapist can help you move forward together. It will take time to rebuild trust. But if you’re willing to put in the effort , you can be happy again.”

After 16 years of marriage, his wife confesses to having had an affair with his best friend.


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