Edna (assumed first name) thought she was living the perfect love, but her world collapsed when she discovered her husband’s horrible betrayal. “I’m 49 and he’s 47. We met 15 years ago when he moved to the neighborhood. I was a single mother with two boys aged 7 and 5” she tells Deidre Sanders, senior adviser to The Sun. Between them, the chemistry was immediate: “It was nice to have him by my side and my sons adored him. We started dating and our sex life was adventurous” Unfortunately, a gray area is added to the table.

Edna explains that her spouse has been unfaithful to her: “He started an affair, accusing me of having been distant (…) Then, I found the receipt from a hotel in his car. He confessed that he paid for an escort. I was devastated but he promised me he wouldn’t do it again.” A few years later, the 40-year-old came across a prostitute’s card in her wallet: “I’ve always earned twice as much as him but I’ve never cared about it, until now. I found out he was spending hundreds of pounds every time – on sex and a hotel room. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s been going on for just over a year. I love him but how could I stay with a man I can’t trust?”

A complex in the husband?

For Deidre Sanders, it is likely that Edna’s companion had difficulty supporting their salary difference. “I don’t want to make excuses for him but maybe he had a hard time living with the fact that he was earning less than you. And when your sex life took a hit, you were even more off. range,” she says. And to add: “Paying for sex is supporting a generally dark and exploitative industry. By having sex with strangers, it also takes risks with your sexual health.” The expert thus advised the 40-year-old to try couples therapy if she wishes to save her marriage.

After 15 years of relationship she discovers that her husband sees prostitutes


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