Her first name remains unknown because if she agreed to testify in the columns of the New York Post newspaper, it is under the nickname of NA. A 22-year-old Indonesian woman has just filed a complaint against her husband for cheating.

But it is not with another that her husband cheated on her. The reason ? He did not admit to her that he was a woman before their union. After ten months of marriage, the young bride on discovering it, felt cheated.

An online dating

“I’m still scared. I shiver when I go out,” confided NA about his ruined union. The meeting with Ahnaf Arrafif, her ex-husband, happened on the dating application Tantan last year. At this time, Ahnaf claimed to be a New York-trained physician. Quickly, the current passes and the exchanges by messages are more frequent. Their first in-person meeting was in May 2021 when Ahnaf traveled to NA’s hometown. A short time later, sure of her feelings, Ahnaf proposed to NA and the couple said “Yes” to each other in July.

In the dark

During their marriage, NA admits to having sex with her spouse, saying that she really thought it was penetrative sex. Nevertheless, she confided that a strange request had been made to her, that of “not looking directly at Ahnaf’s genitals”. For this, his “eyes were covered with a cloth” each time the couple was going to have a report. Besides these intimate times, NA explained that Ahnaf only undressed if the lights were off. Their sexual relations, too, took place in total darkness.

The first doubts

While the NA mom was charmed by Ahnaf before her daughter’s wedding, she quickly grew suspicious when she found out her stepson wasn’t working. The young man, after moving in with NA and his mother, soon began asking her for money. In the months following the wedding, his mother-in-law, faced with this behavior, suspected her son-in-law of not being who he claimed to be, both professionally and in terms of his identity. To confirm her doubts, she tried to obtain her identity papers. In April 2022, she finally confronted Ahnaf ordering her to undress who then admitted to being a woman and naming herself Erayani Arrafif. Contacting the police, the ex-husband was charged with fraud, and, at the insistence of the officers, admitted that he was only penetrating NA with his fingers, leading her to believe that he was actually having sex. If found guilty, Ahnaf faces a prison sentence.



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