Infected by the Covid, Rowena Salas could not meet her baby for three long months! A difficult period to which she returned.

Rowena Salas’ birth did not go as planned. Due to complications related to Covid, the young woman from Las Vegas, Nevada, did not meet her baby until after three months. “I remember they said they had to do an emergency caesarean. I remember saying, ‘I’m not ready. The baby’s not ready.’ I was freaking out,” she told Good Morning America. The 32-year-old was 7 months pregnant when she was hospitalized at the end of November 2021. Unfortunately, she did not see her son Oliver, born on November 25.

At the time, Rowena had contracted pneumonia caused by her Covid infection. If the young woman had preferred to wait to give birth before being vaccinated, the virus spread and could have cost her her life. Fortunately, the mother of the family recovered. She was then able to meet her little one on March 3, 2022, 98 days after her birth: “I remember waking up and it was January. As soon as they put him in my arms, I since he was my spitting image. I knew, he was my little boy.” A resemblance that reminded her of her late husband Jaime, who died of hemorrhagic pancreatitis last May.

Cured of Covid, she continues her recovery

Happy to have found her two children, Oliver and Mia, Rowena Salas is now fighting to get back in shape. If she is still on oxygen, she can now walk without assistance. “I have to surpass myself so I try to push my limits,” said the mother. The 30-year-old also clarified that she was grateful to all the people who supported her during this complicated period and her recovery, such as respiratory therapists, nurses and physiotherapists: “All the people involved in my care motivated me to finish this race.”


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