Being lost at sea in shark-infested waters obviously doesn’t always end in horror. Indeed, a drifting couple were indeed rescued in shark-ridden waters near Tampa Bay, Florida, earlier the week of April 29. The most amazing thing: the two boaters had only one life jacket!

The rescue scene was filmed by the body camera. The images notably show a man and a woman rescued by sheriff’s deputies 200 meters from a broken down boat on Monday, April 25, reports the Daily Star. Moreover, the media explains that the emergency services had saved a person on board the boat before rescuing the couple. Footage shared by the sheriff’s office clearly shows the man and woman clinging to a single life jacket. Subsequently, the couple was taken to their boat, which the rescuers restarted.

Tourists were hit by a humpback whale

Following this incident, Sheriff Chad Chronister said, “The incident could have ended very differently had the deputies not been patrolling the waters.” “Summer is upon us, I would like to remind all boaters to ensure their boat is in good condition and to always wear a life jacket,” the sheriff added.

This incident comes just days after a group of tourists were seriously injured following an altercation with a humpback whale. Indeed, the latter hit their boat, according to the Mirror. It happened off the coast of Mexico. The boat was literally catapulted into the air after being rammed from the stern by the whale.

Adrift couple share a life jacket in shark-infested waters © Pexels

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