Benjamin Hulleberg, a young man of 20, found his biological mother after launching a search. And surprised; she was not that far from him…

There are stories that end well. And that of Benjamin Hulleberg is the proof. Adopted at birth, the young man of 20 years had a nice surprise when he found his biological mother. Indeed, as reported by the Good Morning America site, the young man from Utah (United States) learned that the latter worked in the same hospital as him. Coincidentally, both of them ended up working in Salt Lake City. Benjamin Hulleberg was a volunteer in the neonatology department, while his mother was a medical assistant. At the time, they crossed paths perhaps every day without knowing their relationship. “I always spent the days in front of the department. We parked in the same parking lot, we could have passed each other. I had no idea that we were so close to each other,” she said. told.

At the same location…

But then, how exactly did they end up? Well, both have taken steps to find each other. Feeling the lack of his biological mother being felt, Benjamin Hulleberg made the decision to look for her when he only knew her first name: Holly. Helped by his adoptive parents, he wrote many letters and even took a DNA test in the hope of finding the woman who gave birth to him. But what he didn’t know was that his mother had done the same. After finding his trace in 2018, however, it took her three years to contact him. It was therefore on her son’s birthday, November 19, 2021, that she sent him a message via Messenger, Facebook’s instant messaging service. “I remember exactly where I was when I got the message. I was at work. I was a machine operator and I remember I was at machine #15,” said Benjamin Hulleberg.

A big family

Under the shock of one and the other of his reunion, the mother and the son decided to meet at the restaurant. A moment filled with emotion that everyone is not ready to forget. “When I saw her, she stood up, hugged me and burst into tears. I looked at her and thought, ‘You’re here for real, right in front of my eyes.’ . It was unreal,” added the young man. For nearly three hours, they told each other about their respective lives, going so far as to talk about their work… “I passed the department every day. We parked in the same car park, we could have passed each other. no idea that we were so close to each other,” said Holly Shearer.

Note that by contacting his biological mother, Benjamin Hulleberg also discovered that he had half-brothers and sisters. “Meeting my biological family, my half-brothers and half-sisters, my mother, was like healing. This badly healed wound is closing. I now feel whole, fulfilled, finally ready to move on” said concluded the 20-year-old boy. “I always thought of him” also confided his mother who had chosen to place him in foster care. He had thus been welcomed by Angela and Brian Hulleberg who offered him a warm home.

Adopted at birth, he finds his biological mother and discovers an incredible coincidence


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