If Léna is happy today in the arms of Adil Rami, she has sometimes hit rock bottom when she has received numerous death threats. In any case, this is what she confided in a video interview granted to Melty, Tuesday April 19, 2022. The young influencer knows that she cannot please everyone but does not understand how people can pour so much of hate behind their phone. “If I can have a little tips for these people, I’m all ears”, she started at first, with humor before taking a much more serious tone. The cyber harassment of which she may be the victim can have a heavy impact on her. “People are dying from it,” she said. “To give an opinion, I’m ok, but to wish death, that’s no.”

She sometimes struggled to take a step back from all the criticism and threats she may have been the target of. “I try to do well to please my community and I still take death threats, insults… I try to get my head out of the water, and you take something back. It’s very difficult to manage”, she still assured. Even if she is well surrounded, she cannot remain insensitive to all the waves of hatred concerning her. This is why she explained that she had had depressions.

Léna, the companion of Adil Rami, lived through very dark times

“We can not imagine how these periods are very dark. At that time, we wonder what we are doing there”, she explained again with a heavy heart. To manage to get up, she managed to step back and tell herself that it was only people behind a screen.

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