Bad day for Adil Rami. While he had to hit the road, the ES Troyes AC player was the victim of a burglary in his car. The perpetrators broke the rear window of his vehicle and managed to steal a luxury suitcase.

Always in a good mood, the defender took the floor in an Instagram story to tell this story to his subscribers, with a smile. Despite this burglary and his broken window, Adil Rami indeed had a good reason to laugh at the theft, and took the opportunity to make fun of the burglars in front of his community.

Adil Rami “You missed the jackpot”

It is thus with humor that the football player recounted his misadventure, filming himself driving (which is obviously not an example to follow): “Look, we broke my rear windshield. They took a luxury suitcase and me, it was real, but it doesn’t matter” first explained the defender before taunting the burglars: “They got ni***r, because In the end, I packed my bags in a hurry, I left all my clothes on hangers, and I put everything in the car. And in the suitcase that they stole from me , I put recycling items, recycling guns, and next to it, there was a plastic bag, yes, you shouldn’t trust the appearance of plastic bags”, he said. joking.

Adil Rami then confided what these famous plastic bags contain, which did not interest the thieves because of their appearance: “Inside, there are all the jerseys that I have exchanged this season in Ligue 1, they will join all the jerseys of my career, that of Killian (Mbappé, editor’s note) and you did not see, you fool! You missed the jackpot” he concluded with humor and revenge.

If burglars think they’re smart and watch Adil Rami’s story to brag, they will most certainly quickly become disenchanted. Adil – 1, burglars – almost zero. World champion !


Lara T.
Lara T.

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