Adil Rami is single again. After several months of romance with Léna Guillon, the footballer announced their separation. To do this, he simply shared a photo of him on his Instagram account revealing the reasons for their breakup. “I wish him no harm, quite the contrary… But I need to be fully in my goals and above all I need my energy to support my family,” began the player from Troyes. If he has decided to announce his separation, Adil Rami does not intend to say more. “I will not dwell on the subject …”, he continued, confident that the former couple had left on good terms: “I really hope that she will find her each. I know what I want and what I need… I know how to say stop and don’t forget my goals”.

“Good continuation to Léna by wishing her what she deserves”, concluded Adil Rami. For her part, Léna Guillou has not yet spoken on the subject. As a reminder, the footballer and the former reality TV candidate had formalized their relationship last February on TikTok. If they appeared regularly in love on social networks, the two did not make great confidences in their history. In the columns of Melty all the same, the young woman had mentioned the unexpected fallout. “Since I formalized my relationship with a top athlete, I have received not very nice comments”, regretted Léna Guillou, explaining that some had accused her of being in a relationship with Adil Rami to take advantage of his money. “I did not wait for him to pay anything, nor to have the lifestyle that I currently have,” she replied.

Breaking up of Adil Rami: what had put the flea in the ear of Internet users

“He’s a very simple person and we live our life very simply”, then assured the young woman, who also mentioned the cyberbullying of which she is the victim. “I try to do well to please my community and I still get death threats, insults… I try to get my head out of the water, and you take something back. It’s very difficult to manage, regretted Léna Guillou. We can not imagine how these periods are very dark. At that time, we wonder what we are doing there. For the past few days, Internet users have felt the announcement of their separation arriving. Indeed, Léna Guillou and Adil Rami have stopped following each other on social networks … The flair of the couple’s fans was therefore not mistaken.

Adil Rami and Léna Guillou separated: the footballer says it all

Adil Rami and Léna Guillou © COADIC GUIREC


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