Adele fans are worried. On the eve of the launch of her residence in Las Vegas, the singer spoke, in tears, in a video. “I’m so sorry but the show is not ready, she confided. We have done absolutely everything we can to make it ready on time and to be up to it, for you, but we have been destroyed by delivery delays and Covid.” Saddened by this announcement, Adele continued: “It was impossible to finish the show and I cannot give you what we have at the moment. (…) I am really sad, very embarrassed and so sorry for those who traveled. I’m so, so sorry.” But according to information from several media, Adele would not have canceled her concerts because of the Covid… but because her relationship with Rich Paul is seriously floundering.

“Adele was crying and couldn’t do a single full rehearsal in the last month, she’s constantly on the phone with Rich…screaming and sobbing, she’s barely rehearsed because she’s constantly in the middle of a fight emotional”, assured a source to Page Six a few days ago. She continued, “There are rumors that she is feeling stress related to her romantic relationship. I have been told that these stressors have caused her to be in a position where she does not have the confidence to go forward”. To try to pick up the pieces with Rich Paul, Adele would therefore have preferred to delay her return to the stage. But the singer’s fans are getting impatient … Especially since she has just canceled new shows. While she was expected at O2 Arena in London for the BRIT Awards, she canceled her visit.

Adele: her surprising decision to pick up the pieces with Rich Paul

Results ? The organizers of the awards show are “scrutinizing to find alternative arrangements” for the annual awards show on February 8, according to a source who told the Mirror. “They are talking to her team to see if she can appear via video link. The situation is complicated but they want her involved no matter what,” the source added. But Adele’s goal is clear: to patch things up with Rich Paul. For a few days moreover, she would have moved in with him to try to calm things down. “There has been a lot of comings and goings at home in recent days, assures a relative. (…) There is a security there that I have never seen before. It is unusual that ‘Adele be here for as long as she has her own homes a few miles away on a private estate.”

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