It’s a habit that could have had dramatic consequences. Anna McCartney, a 43-year-old woman, escaped the worst. In May 2021, after taking a photo of her face to buy skincare products online, the mother-of-one noticed an unusual bump on her forehead. She then decided to monitor her closely before making an appointment with a specialist.

The woman who lives in Liverpool went to a plastic surgeon specializing in cancer and underwent a biopsy, before receiving terrible news. The doctor diagnosed him with squamous cell carcinoma. “It’s a very aggressive form of skin cancer, so I was very lucky that it was caught early and acted on quickly,” she explained in an interview with The Sun. Thanks to her responsiveness, Anna McCartney was able to be treated quickly and received a skin graft in June 2021.

UV sessions responsible for Briton’s skin cancer

After discovering her skin cancer, Anna McCartney made the connection with her many UV sessions. Indeed, for years, the Briton has been a follower of this method to be able to tan. “Looking back, I used a tanning bed almost every day from the age of 15 until at least 22, shockingly I know,” she revealed.

Today, the mother of a 9-year-old girl regrets having exposed her skin to UV rays for more than seven years. She said: “I was so angry with myself for the damage I had caused to my skin to tan. (..) This scar will stay with me for life and it could have been so easily avoided” . Now, Anna McCartney keeps a large scar on her forehead, uses sunscreen every day and wants to warn of the dangers of artificial tanning.

Addicted to UV sessions, she notices a disturbing detail on her face that will change everything

UV session © Image by Dorian from Pixabay

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