Actress Tanya Roberts announced dead is finally still alive

Erratum. On Monday, January 4, Tanya Roberts’ agent announced in a press release the death of the star of the Charlie’s Angels series after several days in hospital. However, according to the same agent, at 10 a.m., or 7 p.m. KST, the 65-year-old actress was in fact still alive, but in serious condition in hospital. Hospitalized since Christmas Eve, she had collapsed in her house returning from a walk with her dogs before being placed on life support at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles.

A little mess that comes from the entourage of Tanya Roberts, and more particularly from her companion, Lance O’Brien. The latter indeed believed in the death of the actress Sunday January 3 when leaving the hospital where he had been called by the doctors who thought while his companion was living her last moments. He was in the middle of an interview with TMZ the next day when he received a call from Cedars-Sinai telling him that Tanya Roberts was still alive. He told the media that when he visited the actress, she opened her eyes before closing them. It was then that he thought she had breathed her last, before leaving the hospital without speaking to the nursing staff.

From James Bond Girl to That’s 70’s Show

It’s been several years that Tanya Roberts had not made the talk of her, she who had her first successes in the series Charlie’s Angels from 1980 until the end of the series a year later. She then went on to perform roles in films like Sheena, queen of the jungle, but also that of the James Bond Girl Stacey Sutton in Dangerously yours at the coast by Roger Moore, released in 1985. She made a very noticeable comeback in 1998 in taking on the role of Midge Pinciotti, Donna’s mother, in That 70’s Show. A role she held until 2001 regularly, before making rare appearances thereafter.

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