Actress Stephanie Davis, 28, rushed to hospital with terrifying symptoms

The concern is immense in the entourage of Stephanie Davis. On the night of Thursday July 1 to Friday July 2, the Hollyoaks actress had to be rushed to hospital after falling ill. Very close to her community of fans, it was she who spoke on her Instagram account to reveal suffering martyrdom. From her hospital bed and with an oxygen mask on her face, Stephanie said her symptoms came on “very quickly”. “So last night I had a bit of a headache before I went to bed, and my sinuses were sore,” she started. “I woke up very sick. I had to call an ambulance and I ‘ve tested positive for Covid-19. I feel like I’ve been crushed. ” At only 28 years old, she suffers from very distressing symptoms.

“The worst part is my skin. I can’t touch my skin, it’s killing me. It hurts so much,” continued Stephanie Davis, very worried. Oh my God, it’s horrible. And it happened. so quickly … I woke up and couldn’t move. ” At first, the mother with asthma thought she had a lung infection. Taken to the hospital, the doctors very quickly took care of her and gave her treatment so that her symptoms did not worsen any further. The former Big Brother star continued, “They gave me more meds and pain relievers and IVs for the pain.” She will have to stay for several days under observation so that her condition does not worsen and that the doctors take care of her.

Who is Stephanie Davis?

Well known in the United Kingdom, Stephanie Davis is a star of the small screen although she began her career in the theater when she was still a child. Her first role on television, she did it in Holby City then participated in several series and TV movies before being spotted in Over the Rainbow, a talent show. Stephanie Davis was then cast as Sinead O’Connor in Hollyoaks and made her screen debut on September 1, 2010. Five years later, she was banned from the show before making her return. She then climbed to the final of the celebrity version of Big Brother and then tried her hand at music. On a personal level, she has experienced several media love stories. Today she lives with her son, Caben.

Stephanie Davis © Instagram

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