Actress Amii Lowndes, seen in Doctor Who, dies at age 29 after epileptic seizure

A “ray of sunshine” has died out. Actress Amii Lowndes died at the age of 29 after suffering two undiagnosed epileptic seizures. According to The Mirror, the actress viewers saw in Doctor Who in 2014 collapsed in her parents’ backyard in Bristol from SUDEP, an acronym that stands for Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy. In recent months, the young woman had had two crises which had not worried her relatives. “Amii had a seizure for the first time in 2018, but we only found out about SUDEP when she died,” explained her mother. We would have liked to have had the opportunity to know that these seizures, just like heart attacks, can be fatal. ” An investigation was held into the death of Ami Lowndes, at the request of his family. The medical examiner learned that, despite her second seizure in May 2020, a neurologist did not diagnose the young woman’s epilepsy, despite her characteristic symptoms.

Amii Lowndes was therefore not put on antiepileptic therapy as recommended after a second episode. “Even with a diagnosis of epilepsy and appropriate medication, there is still a risk of death from SUDEP,” added the doctor, who therefore believes that appropriate treatment could not necessarily have saved the young woman, who died on June 15, during the first confinement in England. The actress spent seven years as a business development administrator for a drama school, where she trained as a youth. Her colleagues, who described her as “a ray of sunshine,” plan to put plaques on theater seats in her memory. “Losing her was inconceivable to us. She loved to have fun, was full of life and had so many ideas. We feel her loss every moment,” reacted her mother.

Ami Lowndes’ family is devastated

Shortly after Ami Lowndes’ sudden death, her sister posted a heartbreaking blog post. She then told that the actress had died alone, while their parents were not present. “I had just finished a day’s work in London when my dad called me. I knew. And before he said anything, I shouted, ‘Where’s my sister, what’s up. that is wrong with my sister ‘”, wrote the young woman. “She didn’t want to die. She was starting to blossom and come together. She was thinking about the future and enjoying the moment. She had a reason to get up every day. Her last thought must have been terrifying, Ashley continued. The things that I will do in my life, she will never know them. When the time comes, burying our parents is now a matter of an only child. The family she will not have. You are gone. I will not see you again. , will never touch or smell you again. I will never be able to hug you again. “

Amii Lowndes © Instagram

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