Actor Simon Pegg deprived of his license after yet another speeding ticket

Over the next six months, Simon Pegg will have to find a new means of locomotion. As reported by the Daily Mail, the comedian was once again arrested for speeding. At the wheel of his luxury Mercedes – estimated at 66,000 pounds – the actor of Mission Impossible pressed too hard on the mushroom. Result: he was flashed by a surveillance camera at over 100 km / h on a road … limited to just over 60. And this is not the first time that Simon Pegg has abused speed. In the space of just three years, the one who gives voice to Tom Cruise in the action saga has been arrested four times for speeding. Since he only had a few months on his driving license, the Wimbledon Magistrates court decided to ban him from driving for the next six months.

He was also fined 660 pounds by the courts. As the British tabloid reports, Simon Pegg, who had pleaded guilty before the hearing, did not appear in person but was legally represented. “We have listened carefully to what has been said and by reviewing the guidelines we will approve his license with four penalty points, making thirteen penalty points and will ban him from driving for six months,” said Judge Deborah Drakesmith. . On the announcement of the verdict, predictable, his lawyer reacted: “The ban on driving will cause him difficulties, but they will not be exceptional. He accepts that the court prohibits driving and that is something he understands totally”.

Simon Pegg “deeply regrets”

If he did not come to hear the verdict of justice, Simon Pegg insisted on writing a letter to the court. In it, the actor recalls that he works “for many charities” and that the withdrawal of his driving license could have annoying consequences. According to the Daily Mail, the comedian underlined “the impact that a withdrawal of his license will have on others, in particular the pressure she will have on his wife and the increased responsibilities she will have as well as the management of a household “:” He is aware that the ban will cause difficulties not only for himself, but for others. He needs to lead in his professional life “. Through his lawyer, Simon Pegg explained “deeply regret” his speeding and wished to “apologize to other people affected by the withdrawal of his driving license”.

Simon Pegg © Backgrid USA

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