This is very bad news for the world of cinema. While the 75th Cannes Film Festival is in full swing, according to his agent, Jennifer Craig, actor Ray Liotta passed away on Thursday, May 26. Indeed, according to the Hollywood reporter, the star of the movie Goodfellas died in his sleep while the actor was in the Dominican Republic, as part of the filming of his next feature film, entitled Dangerous Waters. It is a real blow for the cinema which has already experienced the tragic death of actor Ahmed Benaïssa, at the age of 78.

Ray Liotta was notably known for having played in Goodfellas, the famous film by Martin Scorsese. Unfortunately for the actor, if he had a huge success with this feature film, his career will not be so prolific. Indeed, his private life quickly took precedence over his profession. Indeed, the actor was faced with a very complicated divorce in 2004. Then married to Michelle Grace, the couple disputed the custody of their child Karsen. The actor then lost the legal battle. He will later be convicted of driving under narcotics.

The world of cinema affected by drama

This drama is thus reminiscent of that of the Algerian actor Ahmed Benaissa. Indeed, on May 17, the Croisette learned with amazement of his death: “With a ‘mouth’ cut out for cinema screens and a voice that makes the orchestra’s theaters vibrate on the last balcony, he has dedicated 50 years of his life, and even his very last days, on the screen and on the boards that could contain his immense talent and his visceral need to express his art, Ahmed Benaïssa, another pillar of Algerian culture bowed out on Friday”, had published APS, Algeria press service.

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