On Thursday, December 9, 2021, American actor Larry Sellers died at the age of 72, the causes of his death having not been specified. The actor was best known for his role of Cloud Dancing in the series Doctor Quinn, female doctor, broadcast on M6 from 1993. He played the leader of the Indians who embodied freedom and wisdom. This role had earned her an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Larry Sellers had also played the role of other Native American characters like “the half-naked zarbi Indian” in the film Wayne’s World 2. According to his IMDB profile, Larry Sellers also belonged to the Osage, Cherokee and Lakota ethnic groups. He was born in 1949 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma and married Susie Duff.

Jane Seymour paid tribute to Larry Sellers.

Shortly after the news of the actor’s death, Jane Seymour, his former colleague who played Michaela Quinn in Doctor Quinn, Woman Doctor, paid tribute to him. She posted a photo from the set on her Instagram account. She appears in the company of the late actor as well as Joe Lando who played the character of Sully.

In caption, she wrote a few words to share her grief and respect: “Larry Sellers was truly Dr Quinn’s heart and mind. His presence was magical, mystical and spiritual. I feel so lucky to have had all of them. those wonderful years with him. He will be missed by all of us. I extend my whole heart to Larry’s family and friends, may his memory be a blessing to all of us. ” A nice message for all those close to the actor and fans of his character in the series.

Joe Lando and Larry Sellers © CBS

Lara T.
Lara T.

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  1. A wonderful wise man for whom I have a lot of respect in the film as well as in daily life …. safe journey back to your origins..Hail and farewell

  2. Wrong photo! It’s Cloud Dancing NOT Dancing Cloud. He was a great actor and memorable character. Very disrespectful for this article to be so incorrect.

  3. You’re welcome. The photo is the wrong actor. Cloud Dancing is the one with black hair, younger. That photo is Sully (left) with Black Kettle, the Cheyenne chief.

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