Like every year, Miss France does not escape criticism because of its regulations considered too restrictive. And this year, the competition, which saw the coronation of Diane Leyre, was no exception. Last October, the Dare feminism association even brought proceedings against the company Miss France with the Prud’hommes for “sexism” and “failure to respect labor rights”.

An initiative which had revolted the new director Alexia Laroche-Joubert, who had justified the criteria imposed. “When we say: no child, there is a reason. The miss who is going to be elected will travel all over France to meet the French, that requires significant availability”, she explained in Le Parisien. ‘was, however, said to be open to initiate discussions regarding the size of the Misses, as well as the possibility of having a tattoo, measures which are not enough for Iris Mittenaere who thinks that it should go further.

In an interview with Télé-Loisirs this Monday, December 27, Miss France 2016 explained that she would like to see a total overhaul of the competition. “For me, it would be like Miss Universe, abolish all the rules. It would be even better. Let people choose the Miss they want and to let them choose it would be necessary not to have a filter from the start of the selections”, she estimated.

Diane Leyre had felt the victory of Diane Leyre

Despite everything, Iris Mittenaere remains an unconditional fan of the event. She did not miss the last ceremony, which she followed with attention. The one who had been elected Miss Universe had even had a fine nose, since she had bet on the victory of Diane Leyre. “She was my favorite from the start. (…) When I saw her arrive on the stage I said to Diego (her companion, editor’s note) and to the people around me: ‘she is the one who will win, that’s for sure. ”I was not wrong.”

Iris Mittenaere © Rachid Bellak

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