Abandoned at birth, Andy Hallsworth discovered that his parents had started a family.

Andy Hallsworth was just a baby when his parents abandoned him outside a church. As reported by the Daily Mirror, the 56-year-old Irishman was convinced that his mother was a teenager who had not been able to assume her pregnancy alone. Curious, the fifties decided to find out more after the death of his adoptive parents in 2018 and 2019. By finding the trace of his biological mother, he made an unexpected discovery. In fact, his parents had seven other children after him: “I had this story in my head of a young teenager in the 60s who had a problem. So when I found out the truth, it was hard to believe. digest.”

In the aftermath, Andy learned that his parents came from religious families. His biological mother became pregnant before her marriage in 1965. According to her details, they would have been disowned by their relatives if this secret had been revealed. So they moved to London where their child was born three months later. Unfortunately, they ran out of money and decided to return to Ireland. On their way to Paddington station to catch the train and rejoin the ferry, they abandoned their baby on the steps of a Catholic church. Against all odds, the 50-year-old let it be known that he felt no resentment towards his parents.

In the footsteps of its past

“It was nice to know that I was the fruit of a loving relationship and that they had stayed together. I was moved when I learned that they had been trying to find me for six weeks. said Andy, who now lives in Norfolk, England.The zookeeper was able to fill in the gaps in his family tree thanks to Long Lost Family, a program broadcast on the British channel ITV which helps members of the same family find each other. After years of separation, program experts have found a match between the 50-year-old’s DNA and that of one of his sisters.In early 2022, the Irishman finally met the one who gave him life.

A long-awaited meeting

Unfortunately for Andy, his biological father died in 2009. Luckily, he was able to meet his 82-year-old mother: “I held her hand and we talked, we exchanged photos and I told her everything my life. She told me that [giving up] was a terrible thing to do, that she was very sad but that she had no choice. I told her that I did not need excuses and that there was nothing to forgive. I did what I had to do, which was to bring peace of mind to someone who may have thought about what she’s done her whole life.” Today, the 50-year-old is a happy man. With his wife Catherine, they have two children: Lydia, 23, and Matthew, 17.


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