Allie Rice, a marketing student at Louisiana State University, was shot dead in a car as she waited for the train to pass on the night of September 16, 2022. The 28-year-old is the latest victim of the incident. a wave of violent crime taking place regularly in the city of Baton Rouge, reports the Paris Match. Although it has already been established that this is indeed a homicide, the motive for Allie Rice’s murder remains undetermined. The same goes for how the crime was committed.

It is currently impossible for the police to determine the murderer or murderers of Allie Rice. Rumors that do not fail to outrage the police and the mayor of the city of Baton Rouge are currently circulating on social networks. One such rumor is that the 28-year-old student who was shot dead at a railroad crossing in her own car at around 2 a.m. was the victim of a gang. The rumor comes after authorities deemed Allie Rice’s murder to be an “isolated act” and that she was “randomly targeted”.

City mayor and police react to rumors

Speaking at a press conference attended by the city’s mayor, Lt. Kevin Heinz said, “I can confidently say that is not the case,” referring to rumors about the possibility of a crime perpetrated by a gang. Other rumors accuse the authorities of not having done everything to solve this case. Lt. Kevin Heinz, while calling these rumors “hideous”, invites any witness who believes his report was not taken by the police to come forward. “If anyone thinks we’re not taking this case seriously, they’re seriously mistaken,” the lieutenant confirmed.

A young woman shot dead in her car at a level crossing, "hideous" rumors outrage the police

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