A young man’s incredible idea for finding an engagement ring

Christian Liden, a young American of 26, had the idea of ​​making a marriage proposal like no other. For him, the famous engagement ring must be in gold set with diamonds and precious stones that he would make himself. And that’s not all, it is also necessary that the materials used for the manufacture of the ring come directly from nature. He must be the one who finds them. He told the Washington Post: “For me, it’s a perfect way to find an engagement ring.”

It was at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas that Christian Liden chose to do his quest. It is a famous diamond site located 3,500 km from his Seattle home. The young man, convinced to have found true love, declared: “I knew that I wanted to marry her and I also wanted to surprise her”. It was this love that motivated him, and he got his best friend Josh on board. However, Christian had told his friend that they would have gone camping in Yellowstone.

“Thousands of people come every year to search for diamonds”

This diamondiferous site is unique in the world, it is the only one open to the public. And according to Waymon Cox, a guide to the site, thousands of people come looking for diamonds. In addition, he declares that one “finds on average one or two of them per day”. As for Christian Liden, he already had enough gold on hand to make the engagement ring, as well as sapphires recovered in Montana.

On the Arkansas site, it was after 3 days of work that he was able to find the diamond he was missing. Sharing his find, he said: “I knew right away what it was. I was so excited I started to shake and called Josh to come and watch.”

Christian Liden © CNN

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