A terrible accident. In the United States, a man named Simon Wright suffered catastrophic injuries after a huge 100-kilo sheet metal plate ripped his whole face off. He was trying to straighten her out as part of his job. This young father was immediately rushed to the hospital so that the surgeons try to save what they can of his physique. But it is a multitude of extraordinary operations that he is about to undergo.

The American series “999: critical conditions”, which follows extraordinary cases in different hospitals, directly took hold of the case. Many surgeons fight daily to try to save the face of this young man. It must be said that in addition to having opened his skin, the metal plate pulled out all his teeth and broke most of the bones in his face. The images are chilling.

Surgeons still don’t know how to do it

Especially since surgeons fear brain damage that could change the life forever of Simon Wright, who, at 37, could also lose the sight of his left eye. Unable to put his head back because of the blood in his airways, he can’t even lie down. With a dozen separate fractures, it’s unclear where facial surgeons will start when they start removing Simon’s bandages.

First of all, they must manage to find a bone strong enough to attach a metal plate, which is mandatory to begin operations. These next few months promise to be terrible for the young man…

Her face was crushed © Pexels


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