The facts took place in the United States. Pennsylvania couple Kylie Wilt and Alan Hollis have been arrested. They are suspected of having hidden the body of their one-year-old child in a wall of their previous house.

Child protection services and the police, who were looking for the child, found the baby wrapped in a gray plastic bag last week, as reported by Le Dauphiné Libéré, relaying information from The Independent .

The baby was reportedly a victim of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

They discovered the body of the child thanks to the indications of the mother, aged 25 years. After revealing the whereabouts of her baby, she said that the baby suffered sudden infant death syndrome last February, and that she did not have enough money to pay for a funeral. She therefore decided to place her child’s body in a blanket and then in a box, before hiding it in a wall. According to The Independent, the baby tested positive for THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, when he was born.

A former neighbor of the couple told investigators she heard the baby crying all the time until one day the crying suddenly stopped, which worried her. The mother was also reportedly abused by her partner. According to her sister, the man would have isolated Kylie Wilt from the rest of her family.

For this act, the young woman faces several charges. She is notably accused of concealing death, obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence and social assistance fraud. For his part, the father is accused of obstructing the administration of the law.

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