A sexual practice… at risk. In China, a 12-year-old teenager had a completely crazy idea when he wanted to masturbate. To spice up his little solitary moment, the latter decided to stick a thermometer in his penis to find out what it could get him. Well, the response was quick: he had to go to the hospital very quickly. Once there, doctors discovered through X-rays that the object had lodged in his bladder. A surgical operation was then mandatory to extract the thermometer.

Originally from the city of Chengdu, located in central China, this young teenager explained to doctors that he decided to stick this thermometer in his penis for simple sexual pleasure. This practice is called probing and is as strange as it is risky. The doctors made the choice to go through the bladder, by making a small surgical hole, then manipulated the thermometer to take it out, thanks to small tools that they inserted into the boy’s bladder.

The sexual practice of sounding is increasingly widespread

According to a survey published by the British media the Daily Mail, scientific experts have reported a large increase in the number of men practicing this practice of sounding. Over the past few years, USB cables, wires, nuts and even beans have been found by doctors in the bodies of several patients. One thing is certain: this young man, traumatized, is not ready to repeat this unusual sexual experience.

A young boy rushed to hospital after inserting a very incongruous object into his penis

He sticks a thermometer in his penis © Pexels

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