It is a terrible tragedy that unfolded in the coastal town of Reading, in the parish of St Andrew, Jamaica. On Friday October 21, around 9:30 a.m., the body of a young woman was found by swimmers in the ocean. According to the first information from the authorities, the victim was discovered half-naked, with injuries to the head and neck. Witnesses also said they saw a towel covered in blood and a wig.

The day after the discovery, the Jamaica Constabulary Force identified the victim as Aneka Townsend. The influencer known as Slickianna was followed by more than 320,000 people on Instagram. Aged 35, she was the mother of a little boy and from the parish of St Andrew. On social networks, his last publication dated back to Tuesday, October 18. That day, she posted a TikTok video announcing a “fresh start,” moving into her new home.

Main suspect arrested and taken into custody

After the influencer’s body was identified, Jamaican authorities named a man named Rushane Patterson as a person of interest and asked him to surrender to police by 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 22. A summons ignored by the main suspect, according to The Mirror. Police then carried out several raids in the hope of arresting Rushane Patterson and were able to seize a vehicle.

On Tuesday, November 1, Deputy Commissioner Fitz Bailey spoke about the case. He said: “I can say publicly that a lawyer contacted me and advised me that he was going to take Patterson away on Thursday of this week.” The man was finally arrested and taken into custody on Wednesday, November 2. The investigation is now continuing to shed light on the murder of Aneka Townsend.

A young and famous influencer murdered and thrown into the ocean

Aneka Townsend © Instagram @slickianna

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