Oriana Pepper, a 21-year-old EasyJet trainee pilot died from a single mosquito bite above her right eyebrow. The young pilot was training in Belgium when her tragic death occurred. She and her boyfriend James Hall arrived in Antwerp, Belgium on May 20, 2021, according to the latter’s statement. He said they were stung many times without showing any reaction. However, later in July last year, Oriana Pepper’s insect bite began to swell.

“She reported pain in her eyebrow and a red mark, and also had a dull ache in her back,” James, her partner, said. The young trainee pilot from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, was then rushed to hospital on July 7 where she was given antibiotics. Oriana’s condition did not improve after she returned from the hospital. On July 9, she collapsed and “was delirious and had difficulty speaking,” reports The Sun, relaying James’ statements.

She died of a mosquito bite that caused a septic embolism

After seeing his girlfriend break down and delirious, James Hall took her back to the emergency room. Oriana unfortunately did not survive and died on July 12, 2021. Oriana died “from a serious infection caused by an insect bite to her forehead”, said Nigel Parsley, Suffolk’s senior coroner. “The autopsy revealed that the 21-year-old died of a septic embolism when the infection spread to her brain,” says The Sun.

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