She has long been considered the fattest woman in the world. Marya Rosales, a 42-year-old American weighed until 2008 480 kg! Suffering, the woman is even accused of having suffocated one of her 2-year-old nephews by running over him. In the press, it is called “Half-ton Killer”, understand “half-ton killer”. At 28, she is approaching nearly 500 kg.

A weight that continued to increase with his diet. And for good reason, Marya Rosales could eat 18,000 calories a day, 10 times the recommended nutritional intake. Disabled, she was unable to get out of bed. Lying down all day, she developed edema in her legs, causing her terrible pain. A terrible situation, especially since an investigation will be opened for the murder of his nephew. While she is cleared, the young woman will be upset by this story. She will even try to end her life.

She loses no less than 400 kg

Faced with this critical situation, the young woman will decide to take control of her life. She will undergo no less than 11 surgical operations in order to remove the multiple lymphoedemas. To eat less, she had a gastric band placed. She will also start a specific diet that will allow her to lose no less than 400 kilos. On Instagram, the American is proud to show off her 90 kilos! Metamorphosed, all her bad memories must stay behind her. Especially since she has now found love!

A woman with a tragic story loses 400 kilos, her metamorphosis is mind-blowing

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Maria T.
Maria T.

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